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Base Survey Rates

Veterans receive a discount of 10%

VESSELS UP TO 25′                                          $350 (minimum)

VESSELS FROM  26′ TO 35′                            $16/FT

VESSELS FROM  36′ TO 45′                            $18/FT

VESSELS FROM  46′ TO 55′                             $20/FT

VESSELS OVER   56′                                          By Contract

*all rates based on L.O.A

Catamarans/wooden boats add $2.00 per ft.

Consultation:  $50.00 per hour,  no written report.

Appraisal: Up to 35′ – $150 / 36′ and up – $350 (includes a single page report)

OUT OF WATER INSPECTION ONLY:  $150.00 (minimum, may vary depending on size of vessel)

All Surveys require: Deposit (non-refundable) credited to total survey cost: $50

Why a deposit? When you book your date for a survey, I start working on your survey right away.  I spend a considerable amount of time before I even reach your boat and to have you cancel at the last minute or not show up is very disappointing. The deposit is just a good faith gesture to show you are as committed to your survey as I am.

Additional Services

Diver: $120.00 in water inspection added to report

Oil sample test: $50.00

Fuel sample test: $200.00

Travel: $10 per hour to travel past Olympia, Seattle, and Bremerton, Port orchard.

Extended travel overnight (lodging, meals):Price varies on distance and time.

Out of state travel: Round-trip air travel will be provided to the surveyor or other arrangements as agreed.

*Survey rates can vary considerably with the type of vessel, its location, the type of survey required and the amount of work to be done.

Please contact me directly, I will be happy to give you a quote for your specific situation.


I do not charge travel in the great Seattle/Tacoma area but I still pay for gas, Insurance, depreciation and tires etc. I don’t get a company car allowance. It isn’t much when you add it all up. I pay for my own computers, software, this web site and other advertising, stationary, moisture meters, corrosion meters, camera’s, disk drives, multi-meters, continuing education, travel to complete said education. Professional memberships and registration fees to access professional research sites.  Also, it takes much longer to write the report than it does to do the survey.

I am not a Marine Surveyor so that I can get rich a retire to Mexico or to supplement a government pension or my income as an Uber Driver. I am a full time professional who pays dues to the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors®, American Boat & Yacht Council. I have spent a small fortune building up my tool library as well as dozens of reference books and I also pay for annual continuing education courses required to maintain my status with SAMS®.

I do not qualify for unemployment insurance and I do not have a drug, eye glass, dental or extended health plan. No one pays into a company pension plan for me. I don’t get a Christmas bonus and I get neither sick days nor paid vacation time.
I love every minute of the job. In the end I may bring in less than minimum wage but I get handed money to hang out and talk about boats. Sounds like a WIN to me.

Thank you for supporting my boat habit.